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“Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well!”   -by John W. Gardner

“Do one thing and do it well” - by FORISING LED Lighting

FORISING only focus on doing LED panel light since 2012, by our years experience of LED panel light, we know how to do a most apposite light to our customer by they requirements. In fact, we love to hear requirements from each customer, because requirements generate a company’s standard and innovation! That’s why FORISING only offer middle above quality level LED panel light, our main market are Europe, Australia, North&South American,etc.

Frankly, now days LED panel light become more and more chaos at China, any materials exist at the market, and many people want to earn money with a impatience attitude, they just want to win order and earn money without much responsibility.

That’s why we hear a lot of customers complain that when they tell they requirements to some suppliers, many of them always say “Yes! Yes! No problem!” , while after the product finished, it is not really “yes” as they want, and sometimes some product can say directly like a rubbish! Because those products make the customer not only loose they money but also loose reputation in front of they customer. We always think reputation is the stepping stones for a company’s grow and prosperity! Maybe 5 years conscientious and meticulous make the company won a good reputation, it may collapse in one day by one small product “defect”, this words without exaggeration, we have such experience before with some material supplier, loss money and reputation, that’s why now we only choose materials from reliable old suppliers with good quality and good reputation, they cost might higher a little bit compared others, but quality are reliable and we think it worth it in front of 3 years or 5 years real warranty.

There’s a old Chinese words say “Honesty is gold, but the price of gold, integrity is priceless! ”, FORISING is honest to each customers, for example,   if you say your target price is 12USD, we will use 11USD cost materials for you and earn you 1USD, we will not use 6USD cost material and earn you 6USD, because high profit for LED panel light already gone long time ago, if you cheat you this time, we can’t cheat you forever!   What we cherish is a long time and steady business relationship as well as a friendship! We move forward and explore the market together with one heart, nothing is impossible to a willing heart!